Things To Know While Hiring A DUI Attorney


A good attorney can only be hired, when the answers to some of the questions are known. This is also the case with the DUI attorneys. If you have been recently arrested by the police for driving under the influence of alcohol, DUI or drugs, you will definitely need a good attorney to bail you out. todd landgren orange county dui attorneys are of great help in this regard, as known from The most important thing to keep in mind is that a criminal lawsuit moves much faster than a civil one, so a DUI lawyer should be hired very quickly.

Whenever you hire an attorney, for any purpose you should first have a brief meeting with him as this is the right time where you can get to know about them and interview them to know the answers to some very important questions. The goals of your first meeting would be to learn about the experience and the background of the DUI, discuss the possible options and the strategies and determine whether you are going to finally appoint this lawyer or not. Most of the good lawyers are initially very busy.

You should carry the following when you come for a meeting:
· Any court documentation that mentions the charges against you.
· The bail papers.
· The police report.
· Any other document, which the police might have given you.
Things To Do
You should always make a list of the people who are in any way connected with your case. This may include any witness or victim. This is needed because the lawyers need to see if anybody in their firm or they themselves, have represented someone related to your case. If they have done that, they might not be willing to defend the case in your favor, as this would be a conflict of interest.

Questions To Ask
When you first meet with the lawyers, it is always very important to know about their background and experience. There are many types of crimes and accordingly different types of criminal defense lawyers. You can always ask the following questions.

· Where did the lawyer attend his law school? Which year did he graduate?
· Does he belong to any bar association or any other professional organization?
· How long has he been practicing criminal law?
· How long has he been dealing with clients who have faced DUI or DWI charges?
· What are the other types of cases which the lawyers take up, if any?
· How often does the lawyer visit the courthouse where the case will be presented?
· Is the standard practice of the lawyer to negotiate plea agreements?
· How often does he take these cases to trial?

It is always to your best advantage to find a smart and competent lawyer who is familiar with the attorneys in the prosecutor’s office. This will help you to land with good negotiation deals. After learning your case better and understanding every aspect of it, your lawyer will be able to give you the options.

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