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Divorce and Child Custody – There is No Room For Histrionics in a Child Custody Case

Divorce & Child CustodyThe definition of Histrionics for our goals is that of being emotional, remarkable, seeking focus, and immature behaviours that are similar.

It’s quite hard to keep the emotions when discussing your kids. This is especially true when you’re fighting for their guardianship and actually consider they should be with you most of the time as the other Parent isn’t a “perfect parent.”

Here are ten of the “do not do’s” in a child custody assessment or a guardianship or divorce trial:

1. Don’t Raise your Voice – ever

2. Don’t Weep

3. Don’t Pout

4. Don’t Whine

5. Don’t Claim

6. Don’t Whine

7. Don’t Criticize

8. Don’t Accuse

9. Don’t Name Call

10. Don’t Attribute

Instead, play such as the mature, sensible and insightful Parent which you are. All opinions, including ones that are accusatory, must be built in a positive light.

When you would like to alarm a Guardianship Evaluator or Family Law Judge about Errors of the other Parent, do not start the sentence with a reference to your partner, i.e. his or her name, That guy or That girl, She or He, That fool… you get my purpose. You instantly seem like the “accuser.”